Engaging in PCB R&D and manufacturing for 11 years Leading the innovation of PCB technology

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01One of Top PCB manufacturers.

10% increase YOY in the past consecutive 11 years

Revenue in 2016 US$230million

02We use selected
raw material only for excellent quality consistency.

Laminate: TUC, SYL, Isola, Rogers, Arlon,Nelco, Taconic, Hitachi, etc

Chemicals: Rohm&Haas,Atotech,Umicore

Dry film: Asahi (Japan),Dupont (US)

Solder mask: Taiyo(Japan)

03Focus on innovation of PCB technology for 11 years

40 engineers with over 11 years experience in PCB design and manufacturing, we have owned 79 patents of PCB technology innovation

We spend 5% sales revenue on R&D every year for leading edge PCB technology and offer customized end-to-end solution from PCB design to manufacturing

04Zero defect on product quality.

Certified in ISO9000,ISO14000,TS16949,UL

Precision instrument is being used in Great Star Technology , such as : AOI and AVI machines are from Japan, DIONEXICS-900 Ion Chromatograph,Skyray Instrument RoHS analyzer

IPC Class 2&3 standard compliant

05Our in house surface treatment facilities are
tailored to meet the various demands of specific markets.

Great Star Technology is one of a few PCB maker who has invested multi-type production lines and 100% in house surface treatment that encompassed ENIG, OSP, HASL, Immersion silver, Immersion tin, electric gold plating, hard gold plating, electric tin plating, silver plating, we are capable to meet the different demands from customers in various industries, it do help for both Great Star Technology and customers to eliminate the risk in quality cause of outsourcing some of these PCB surface treatment

06Pioneer of environment protection.

Great Star Technology has invested over $10million on waste water recycling system , the recycled water is national standard GB21900-2008 compliant . Main honors awarded by local government:
“Model PCB manufacturer for environment protection”
“Green PCB manufacturer”
“Excellent enterprise for Clean production, Guangdong province”
“Showroom facility for waste water recycling, Shenzhen city”

07Your one-stop PCB solution.

We provide PCB total solution from PCB design to manufacturing ,we make extensive PCB products including conventional PCB(rigid PTH), HDI,flexible and rigid-flex PCB

Quick turn delivery, fast reaction, global service, your requirement is our commitment