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What’s the typical process flow for multi-layer PCB?2017/6/22
Material cutting- Inner dry film- inner etching- Inner AOI- Multi-bond – Layup-
What’s the key equipments for HDI manufacturing? Does GST capability can meet customer’s 2017/6/22
Key equipments as following: Laser drilling machine, Pressing machine, VCP line,
How many types of surface finish GST can do? How shall we choose surface finish for HDI PCB?2017/6/22
Great Star Technology has a complete series of surface finish, such as: ENIG,
What’s the shelf life for a PCB?2017/6/22
Please refer to the table below:
What’s your capability for FPC? Can GST provide SMT service also?2017/6/22
Great Star Technology can fabricate FPC from single layer to 8layer, the worki
What are the main factors which will affect the price of PCB?2017/6/22
1: Material; 2: Surface finish; 3: Technology dif
What’s the definition of PCB, PWB andFPC and what’s the difference?2017/6/22
PCB is short for Printed Circuit Board; PWB is short for Printed Wire Boar